Historic, wood window restoration for older homes


Window Restoration Services

Windows in homes built pre World War II were designed to be repaired. The design of the windows and panes was based on the glass that was available at the time. The windows were made to fit the home. Historic windows are a defining attribute to a home’s character. Restoring windows is an intense process that takes time and getting it right requires experience. Building Preservation Services, LLC combines traditional methods with new technology to make repairs to your old, wooden windows that last. Our window restoration services include:

  • Full restorations of wood window sashes and wooden window frames
  • Weatherization upgrades by utilizing various types of weatherstripping that best fit your windows

    Repairs include:

  • Replacing broken panes of glass
  • Replacing missing or failing glazing putty
  • Sash cord or sash chain replacement
  • Sill repairs or replacements
  • Masonry work surrounding frames and sills


The restoration of wood windows is an investment that actually saves you money over time. When compared to having replacement windows installed, restored wood windows that are cared for and maintained properly will last generation after generation. They also maintain the original character of your home. If you have thought about replacing your windows, please consider that replacing your original wooden windows begins an endless cycle of replacement. Every 10 to 15 years, these "maintenance free" windows fail and most often can't be repaired. Replacing windows that may be over a hundred years old with one that will last for less than two decades is an error a lot of homeowners make.

To discuss our wood window restoration services further, please call us at 302-983-4056 or send us an email.

Preservation Project Award
Awarded by Harford County, Maryland’s Office of the County Executive

2015 Historic Preservation Award
Awarded by the Maryland General Assembly, Official Citation