Historic, wood window restoration for older homes


Mon-Ray Storm Windows

Easy to operate and clean, Mon-Ray high-performance storm windows help conserve energy and reduce outside noise while adding value to your home.

To complement window restorations, Building Preservation Services is an authorized dealer and installer of Mon-Ray's high-performance storm windows. These superior storm windows provide added protection to your primary wood windows. The duration between maintenance cycles can be increased on your wooden windows since these durable storm windows take the punishment that Mother Nature can unleash.

Each storm window is custom built to match the size and shape of the opening it is measured for. They are available in both standard and custom colors. Meeting rails on the storm windows align with your primary wooden windows which help the storm windows blend in with the window frame.

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Preservation Project Award
Awarded by Harford County, Maryland’s Office of the County Executive

2015 Historic Preservation Award
Awarded by the Maryland General Assembly, Official Citation